Are you going to buy a Business?
Don’t miss this Educational Webinar from DFK ANZ
Wednesday 19 July, 12.30 AEDT

Buying A Business Webinar

If buying a business is on your radar in the future, join us for this valuable, practical and insightful webinar where we’ll cover the six most important areas to focus on during the purchase cycle.

Buying a Business 6 vital areas you need to address” is hosted by Melissa Healy from DFK Everalls in Canberra and Richard Hill from DFK Richard Hill in Sydney, we’ll help you cover all the bases to make a strong, informed purchase decision. It’s a great investment of your time and energy and you’ll leave with clarity and certainty about your options.

Bonus resources include a step-by-step Buying a Business Infographic, a Valuation Guide and a Due Diligence Checklist and the opportunity to reserve a Pre-Purchase Strategy Sessions with a DFK Advisor in the firm closest to you in Australia and New Zealand.