Our Smart Delivery and Personalised Service provides our clients with a complete suite of accounting, consulting and financial services

Businesses now compete in a dynamic ever changing environment. Increased regulation, management of resources pressures and global competition are constant challenges. Access to resources providing the right advice is critical.

DFK Collins is an experienced and well established full service accounting firm, that has the expert knowledge to meet the business and professional demands of our clients. Our partners and senior staff have developed specialist skills and industry expertise to ensure we can provide our clients with prompt, reliable and accurate advice when it’s needed. Our national and international alliance also provides access to an extended range of expertise if required.

Our strategic goals as a national and international alliance drive our services by providing greater expertise for clients, helping them to grow in the process.

Our Services:

  • Management Accounting, Financial Reporting & Business advisory
  • Virtual Financial and Accounting Function
  • Tax Advisory & Compliance
  • Audit and Assurance Services
  • Due Diligence
  • Superfund Audit
  • Business Re-engineering & Problem Solving
  • Strategic Planning and Governance