Curtis – Supervisor

Sitting on a double decker bus, passing Buckingham Palace on my way to work I have to pinch myself that this is all real. It wasn’t long ago that I started as a graduate at DFK Collins, and now I am completing a secondment overseas in our DFK affiliate office in London.

The partners have always taken an interest in the personal and professional development of their staff and the placement overseas is just one of the many opportunities I have had working at DFK Collins.
The secondment has been a great opportunity to broaden my exposure to different working methods and industries.

Not only have I had a chance to work with large international clients in Europe and the United Kingdom, but being only a short trip away from mainland Europe has been amazing. I have seen far more of the world than I thought was possible and the implementation of International Accounting Standards has made my skills even more valuable and portable all over the world.

Working at DFK Collins has provided me with many wonderful opportunities to develop both professionally and personally and their investment in people stands out for me as a key factor in their success.

Krista Fabian and Chris Murphy – DFK Collins Graduates

Being graduates at a young, exciting Chartered Accountants firm located on the Paris end of Collins Street is a perfect way to transition into the workforce. DFK Collins is surrounded by a hub of cafes, boutique shops and nightlife with hidden laneways that make every lunch time an adventure.

When applying for graduate positions, nobody wants to be a typical Monty Python sketch accountant. DFK Collins has broken this mould, creating an enjoyable and relaxed corporate culture where professionalism is paramount.

Work-life balance is a priority at DFK Collins; you still have time to keep up with all that life has to offer. Getting up in the morning is less about the daily grind and more like being part of an enthusiastic team who value your input. Social functions and team building days are always a highlight of the calendar year, with partners becoming actively involved in team development.

Every morning walking from Parliament Station, a sea of suits flow up the iconic escalators; this can be overwhelming for any young professional. DFK Collins has embraced our development and progression with on-the-job training and mentoring from senior accountants and industry professionals as well as a welcoming open door policy where no question goes unanswered.

DFK Collins has a diverse work-force, with a dynamic client base ranging from not-for-profits to listed companies. As first-year graduates we interact with clients on a regular basis, this involves working on-site as part of a team and being handed responsibility at an early stage in our career.

The Chartered Accountants program is an important part of our professional training; and at DFK Collins you never face this challenge alone. With helpful mentors and a supportive flexible work environment you can feel confident that you’ll get the start you need.