Superannuation is a complex and heavy regulated area.

DFK Collins provides audit and accounting services for a range of self managed and corporate superannuation funds. These funds range in levels of complexity; from the size of the fund, investment type (eg real estate, shares, antiques and/or other financial investments) to the status of the fund being whether the fund has members in accumulation mode and/or pension mode.

Superannuation rules are constantly changing in regards to contribution limits, key rates and thresholds and our super team are abreast of these changes.

The audit of a superannuation fund involves assessing the administration of your fund to ensure compliance with the superannuation rules. Our superannuation specialists are experts in the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 (SIS), taxation law and corporations law.

Our goals are to assist you:

  • Managing your fund’s compliance with the SIS Act; and
  • Meeting all taxation and other obligations.


DFK Collins can provide you with your superannuation service requirement.