DFK Collins provides due diligence services to assist clients to assess, plan and manage major transactions.

Our objective in providing these services is to assure and comfort our clients in their decision making. Our due diligence reviews include examining historical, forecast financial and tax information and procedures to report on issues that may impact on the value of the business being acquired or the structure of the transaction being contemplated.

Due diligence is an investigation of a potential investment and is an important decision. We can assist you in making such a decision.

Our due diligence services provide you with a detailed insight into your investment target. The process generally involves conducting complex investigations into financial, taxation and commercial aspects of the potential investment. We also review and examine historical data , forecast information, procedures, and perform data analysis, reporting  on issues that may impact on the value of the investment being acquired.

Our team has extensive experience in conducting due diligence assignments. We tailor our due diligence procedures to meet the specific requirements of any given assignment