Trust account audits

DFK Collins audits a range of trust accounts including but not limited to the following:

  • Solicitor Trust Accounts
  • Estate Agent Trust Accounts
  • Accountant Trust Accounts

We understand that for most clients the requirement to audit these trust accounts is a compliance matter but are mindful of ensuring that our clients are compliant with the rules and regulations surrounding the maintenance and control of trust monies.

When providing these services we incorporate several factors , some being:

  • Nature of the Practice business
  • Type of transactions
  • Number of transactions
  • Number of partners and staff of the practice
  • General accounting systems, i.e.: computerised & non-computerised
  • Prior year audit fee and nature of audit issues found.

This area of our practice continues to grow as clients review the fees and level of service they are currently receiving. In many cases we have been able to reduce the fee paid as a result of our industry specialisation, lower overhead structures, realistic charge out rates and computer assisted audit techniques that we apply in the performance of these audits..