For confidentiality reasons, we’ve referred to our client as Client A.

For a period, Client A faced a challenging set of operational circumstances where cash flow was limited. DFK Collins assisted in the implementation of cash flow forecasting tools to help the company plan for its expected cash inflows and outflows to ensure that they could continue to meet their liabilities and identify in advance where issues could arise. These tools enabled management to survive the difficult times and is a critical success factor for their ongoing success.

During this project, DFK Collins provided the following services:

  • Preparation of quarterly management accounts, including documentation of key performance indicators to assess the ongoing performance of the business.
  • Cash flow forecasting and budgeting.
  • Provision of taxation planning advice in respect to issues such as tax efficient dividend distribution, effective salary packaging arrangements and living away from home allowances.
  • Maintenance of corporate records.
  • Ongoing compliance services, encompassing annual income tax returns, fringe benefits tax returns and advice in respect of payroll tax liabilities.
  • Assistance with the sale of intellectual property, including assessment and review of the sale agreement and advice on the financial impact of the transaction.
  • Effective and efficient audit and assurance services.
  • Assistance with providing audited information to continue to satisfy the requirements of a registered training organisation.

DFK Collins used its expertise and knowledge of the company to tailor the forecasting tools especially for the client. DFK Collins was able to implement a solution that could be easily managed by the client in addition to producing meaningful outputs that were easy for the directors to understand. This was essential due to the limited resources the client had to implement the solution and the need for fast answers on a day to day basis. DFK Collins prides itself on providing smart tailored solutions that are simple to implement and provide effective results, fast.